NEW! The Revival S Glass

Fiberglass rods, which were a dominant type of fly rod for decades, have been making a comeback, and for good reason. Although there are many benefits to the faster action of today's graphite rods, fiberglass rods really allow you to slow down and really feel the connection of your line, leader and fly. 

We've loved mixing it up with fiberglass rods for a while now and are excited to share our newest Revival offering: The Revival S. Lighter and stronger than E Fiberglass construction, S2 Glass has a crisper recovery that is accurate and smooth, beloved by fiberglass enthusiast.

The aptly named Revival is inspired by the classics of the past, but adds some of the comforts and conveniences we enjoy in our modern rods. It comes packed many attractive features including:

  • Full Flex, Vintage Orange, S2 Fiberglass Blank with Copper Accents and Alignment Dots
  • Titanium Frame SiC Stripping Guides
  • Lightwire Snake Guides
  • FLOR Grade Cork with Fighting Butt
  • Hand Turned, Beautiful Reelseat
  • Uplocking Rings with Delrin Bushing
  • Five Compartment Rod Sock and Embroidered Cordura Tube
  • No Fault, Lifetime Warranty to the original owner with Proof of Purchase (Want details?)

If you're looking for a rod that’s unbelievably fun to fish, this one’s it.