3 Weight Fly Rods

Three-weight fly rods represent the pure joy of the sport. You’re not looking for a trophy fish or a hero shot, just a fun rod with plenty of feel and delicate action. Any of our three weights are ideal for smaller fish and smaller flies. Sure, you won’t have as much power as a larger rod, but you’ll make up for it with a delicate casting stroke and presentation—perfect for spooky fish or tight locations where precision is key. If you’re looking to target bluegill in your local pond, cast to spooky brook trout in an alpine stream, or even target some creek bass with small poppers, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better time with a heavier rod. 

We offer several different options in three-weight rods. First, our Drifter series is a great introduction to the sport, with a medium-fast action and quality materials. Or, if you’re looking for slower, more delicate action (a great idea for a three-weight), check out our fiberglass Revival rod. Nymph anglers can get some extra reach with our 10’6” Epiphany series or go more medium-fast with our premium lineup of rods, The Vesper series. Last, but certainly not least, you can find a one-of-a-kind rod with our Midnight Special series. 

Regardless of which rod you choose, our three-weight rods are built to the highest standards—distinctive styles inspired by classic design, custom reel seats made with unique burled hardwoods, hand-turned cork grips and more. Each of our three-weight rods is the perfect balance of value and craftsmanship, proof that you don’t need to shell out for a second mortgage to have a great day on the water. If you have a question about which rod weight is right for you, or which model fits your needs, be sure to reach out to us at info@moonshinerods.com. Cheers to tight lines and we’ll see you out there.