4 Weight Fly Rods

In our book, a four-weight fly rod is the ultimate trout angler’s tool. Sure, you can use it to haul in the occasional smallmouth or bluegill, but these all-around rods are perfect for everything coldwater. They’re great for trout because you’re striking the perfect balance between delicacy and backbone, a blast for throwing dry flies to brookies, but powerful enough to fight a 20-inch brown trout if you’re lucky enough to hook one. In other words, if we lived the rest of our lives in alpine meadows with small creeks and rivers, we’d probably pick a four-weight.

We offer three incredible models if you’re looking for a four-weight fly rod. For starters, check out our Drifter series, a medium-fast action rod that’s a perfect introduction to the sport without having to sacrifice the quality you’ll find in those dreaded “beginner” kits. Next, our Epiphany is designed for Nymph anglers, with a bit of extra reach at 10’, to get to those hard-to-reach riffles. To us, it’s the ultimate nymphing setup. Lastly, our Vesper four-weight is a beast on the water. It’s a medium-action beauty, with some of the highest-grade materials available on any fly rod—heirloom quality and guide-level performance.

Regardless of which rod you choose, our four-weight rods are built to the highest standards—distinctive styles inspired by classic design, custom reel seats made with unique burled hardwoods, hand-turned cork grips, and more. Each of our four-weight rods is the perfect balance of value and craftsmanship, proof that you don’t need to shell out for a second mortgage to have a great day on the water. If you have a question about which rod weight is right for you, or which model fits your needs, be sure to reach out to us at info@moonshinerods.com. Cheers to tight lines and we’ll see you out there.