The Epiphany 3wt - 10'6"
The Epiphany 3wt - 10'6"
The Epiphany 3wt - 10'6"
The Epiphany 3wt - 10'6"
The Epiphany 3wt - 10'6"
The Epiphany 3wt - 10'6"
The Epiphany 3wt - 10'6"
The Epiphany 3wt - 10'6"
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The Epiphany 3wt - 10'6"

Regular price 545.00 лв

The Epiphany has been one of our most popular rods since we introduced them in 2017.  Not only have you shared beautiful photos of your memories on the water, we have listened to your valuable feedback about the original. 

Euro style nymphing is a technical style of fishing, and perfect weight distribution and sensitivity is something that competitive nymphing folks are constantly seeking. We redesigned the new Epiphany from scratch, keeping some of the aesthetics you loved about the original, but took the blank and components to another level of quality. We can say without a doubt that the new Epiphany is a massive, tangible upgrade from the original, shaving over 1oz of total weight, improving swing weight and adding premium components and features, leveling up your Euro game. We listened to you and now we deliver!

The NEW Epiphany Features:

  • Moderate Fast Action, Blackout Anti-Glare Blank with Raven Bindings, Metallic Copper and Concrete Accents
  • High Modulus Graphite
  • Burnt Orange Alignment Dots
  • Titanium Frame SiC Stripping Guide, Moved Up To the Butt Section (2wt & 3wt only), Reducing Line Sag
  • Light Wire Single Foot Guides with Snake on the Tip Sections. 13 Total Guides
  • AAAA Cork with Burled Ends
  • Downlocking Tiger Eye Reelseat with Engraved Fighting Butt
  • Matte Blackout Hardware with Skeletonized Ring and Delrin Bushing
  • 5 Compartment Embroidered Cordura Rod Tube
  • TWO Tip Sections!
  • No Fault, Lifetime Warranty to the Original Owner with Proof of Purchase

If you're looking for sensitivity, supreme tippet protection and a light weight, fatigue free day of nymphing, check out the brand new Epiphany series. You will not find better components on the market at this price.  


(The Rod pairs well with the Creede 3/4, Ross Animas 5/6 and Gunnison 4/5 and the RIO FIPS Euro nymph line)

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