The Midnight Special II Test

Returning to the spirit of our original that put us on the map, it’s time to make a big change and offer our customers a lot more performance and more hand-built character, for less, leaving the others in the dust.

We're building our new Midnight off the shoulders of our popular Vesper series, using High Modulus, Nano Matrix carbon fiber blanks. We overhauled all of the components, while offering true "Custom Shop" designed reel seats that are milled, stabilized and finished, Made in Virginia from scratch, where each one is beautifully unique to Your rod. Your vibe. 

The Midnight Special II is our latest flagship offering at Moonshine Rod Co. You will not find a more unique rod with high performing components and value at this price point anywhere on the market. The Midnight Special II is hand crafted here in the USA, using high quality components from here and around the world. Tick all of your boxes and then some with the new Midnight Special II.