4 Key Improvements in the All-New Revival S-Glass

4 Key Improvements in the All-New Revival S-Glass

In this image, from Moonshine Rods, a little girl holds the all-new Revival S-Glass fly rod.

At Moonshine, we’re in a constant state of refinement. We’ve designed game-changing rods, only to go back to the drawing board and come out with better versions of those same game-changing rods. If you’ve cast our Drifter II and Midnight Special II, you know exactly what we’re talking about. That’s because the only people we’re in competition with are ourselves — and that competition is fierce.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the newest rod to our lineup, the all-new, completely redesigned Revival S-Glass. We took everything we loved about the original Revival and upgraded it in every possible way to come out with a rod that perfectly balances modern technology with that classic glass feel we all know and love. This thing is sweet.

So, today we’re diving headfirst into what makes this rod so special and why you should consider picking up one of your own. Here are four ways the Revival S-Glass is superior to the original.

S-Glass Technology

As the name not-so-subtly implies, the Revival S-Glass is made with just that, S-2 fiberglass. Why is that a big deal? Glad you asked. Originally developed for military missile applications, S-2 fiberglass is essentially an upgraded version of standard E-glass, which is used in our original Revival rod. It is 30 percent stronger and 15 percent stiffer, which means you can use less of the material in the production process, making for a lighter and stronger rod. The Revival S-Glass also boasts a slightly faster action than its predecessor, without sacrificing the touch and flex of a fiberglass fly rod. 

TL:DR — it’s better in every way.

In this image, from Moonshine Rods, an angler holds a cutthroat trout alongside the all-new Revival S-Glass fly rod.

Improved Components, Aesthetic

While we think the original Revival was quite the looker, the S-Glass takes things to a new level. It has a beautiful, deep yellow blank with matching thread wraps and black accents that just look like they belong on an alpine stream. The 2-weight model has a cork reel seat to enhance the ultralight experience, while the 3-weight through 6-weight models feature a burled hardwood reel seat. To cap it all off, we upgraded the components to feature lightwire snake guides and a titanium stripping guide. 

Highly Packable

We think fiberglass is born for the backcountry, which means you need a rod that’s lightweight and highly packable for strapping onto a pack. That’s why we redesigned the Revival to pack down into four pieces instead of three, so you can go farther and avoid snagging branches and slapping your hiking buddy upside the head.

More Weight Options

As the fiberglass movement continues to grow, so do the uses for these bendable beasts. When we introduced the first Revival rod, it was purely meant for small- to medium-sized streams, so we offered it in three- and five-weight options. Now, we’re upping the ante and increasing your options, starting with the incredibly lightweight two-weight option, all the way up to the six-weight option. Now, you can chase six-inch brookies and toss poppers to smallmouth all with the Revival S-Glass.

We have a soft spot for fiberglass. As a company that’s focused as much on the chase as we are the catch, there’s something about glass that forces us to slow down and soak in every moment. Maybe it’s the slow casting stroke or maybe it’s just the fact that we’re fishing something that had its heyday in the ‘70s, but our Revival rods are aptly named. With the S-Glass we’re bringing back old-school engineering, commitment to improvement, and the bend you can only get with a premium fiberglass fly rod. If you haven’t tried it for yourself, now’s the perfect chance.

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