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Creede Reel By Moonshine Rods

If you’ve ever spent time across the American West, you know it’s a landscape shaped by adventurous spirits, hard-earned character, and maybe a little bit of rule-breaking. It’s a place unlike any other, and it’s exactly why we named our first-ever reel after one of its most iconic mining towns.

Today marks a new chapter for us at Moonshine. For years, we’ve been dedicated to crafting small-batch fly rods that are durable, hard-working tools for dedicated anglers. But, there’s always been a missing element—the yin to our yang—to balance out the equation. Until now. In this article, we’re going to share a little bit of the spirit behind our new Creede reel, the story of its namesake, performance, and construction. 

Inspired by American Grit

Tucked in the mountains of southwest Colorado is Creede, a mining town that’s glory days have long passed. Now, it’s a monument to the American spirit for adventure. Where renowned gunfighters like Robert Ford and Bat Masterson once walked the streets, now anglers flock to the alpine waters of the Rio Grande or Sqauw Creek. Where silver was once pulled from the ground, now the shimmer of rainbow trout are being pulled from its waters.

Our reel is inspired by this setting, this intersection of old-time grit and the new influx of adventurous anglers. Hard work and determination. Tight lines and time away. The Creede is the embodiment of that character that still lives on in not just Creede, but mining towns around the country, towns like Deadwood and Exeter.

As we branch out into the world of hard-working reels, we want to be constantly reminded of the values that brought us here in the first place. We’re not going to release a product that doesn’t live up to the Moonshine name as well as this reel’s namesake. Every Creede that leaves our hands will carry an adventurous spirit with pride. 

Moonshine Rods Reed Creede

Quality is Our Creede

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details for a minute. As reels prices have continued to increase, so have the marketing gimmicks. Companies outsource production and push that extra cost to the consumer with every new “feature” they can think of. With the Creede, we wanted to produce a reel that didn’t hide behind any marketing jargon. We wanted to create a reel that was simple, highly effective, durable, and functional.

The Creede is fully machined out of forged aluminum, a higher quality material than most bar-stock reels out there. It has a completely sealed disc-drag system to reduce wear and tear through a buildup of debris. Our goal was to create something that was low-maintenance so anglers can focus on what really matters—hauling in that 24-inch brown—instead of a cheap reel that’s always bending and warping. Available in 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8-weights, the large arbor will pick up the line quickly and deliver it fast as well. And, let’s be honest, looks matter when it comes to reels. We designed the Creede to perfectly complement our rod models, as well as balance them through its fine-tuned weight.

We’re introducing all of this for $249. It’s a reel that will fish as hard as you do, whether you’re fighting an 8-pound largemouth in Florida or dropping dry flies for brook trout in Idaho, it’s up for the adventure. 


Now it’s your turn. It’s time to live up to the Creede’s namesake. We can’t wait to see where Moonshine anglers will take this reel. When in doubt, go further. Fish it harder. Don’t be afraid to scratch it up and get it dirty. Just be sure it gets plenty of hard-earned adventure—that’s what it’s made for. There’s silver in them hills. Go find it.

Moonshine Rods Creed Reel

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  • Craig Baller on

    I just purchased a few of your rods this week. One from you and two from Amazon. One of the rods I purchased is an Epiphany 4 wt 10’ euro nymphing rod. I would like to pair it with one of your Creede reels. Would you recommend the 3/4 wt or 5/6 wt for the best balance? Thanks.

  • joseph m orban on

    I just ordered a 9’ Drifter series 5wt. with a Creede reel. any recomendations on wf floating line that you could recommend for your reel?

  • Moonshine on

    @Dennis – they are fully sealed and would be fine in saltwater. Of course they need to be cared for with basic common sense – a good rinse in freshwater after any salt exposure.

  • Dennis Streeter on

    Would these reels be suitable for inshore saltwater? It sure is a beautiful reel. Congrats!!

  • Dennis Streetet on

    Would these reels be suitable for inshore saltwater? It sure is a beautiful reel. Congrats!!

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