Moonshine Rod Co.'s Ultimate Fly Fishing Gift Guide

Moonshine Rod Co.'s Ultimate Fly Fishing Gift Guide

We know the scenario. The holidays are quickly approaching, maybe even an important birthday, and you have no idea what to get the angler in your life. Maybe you’re not an angler yourself and the idea of buying the perfect fly fishing gift is a little daunting or it seems like that special someone has everything under the sun. 

Well, we’re here to make your shopping experience just a little bit easier. For our ultimate fly fishing gift guide, we’ve decided to break it down by category, separating anglers into different groups and picking out the perfect fly fishing gift for the holidays. And, if this article doesn’t answer your question, you can always reach out to our customer service team and ask their advice. As anglers ourselves, we love nothing more than hooking up fellow fishy people with the perfect rod, reel, and swag. 

Without further ado, here’s our ultimate fly fishing gift guide.

The Beginner

If you have a brand-new or beginner angler in your life, you have the easiest task on this list because you really can’t make a bad choice. Every fly rod is going to teach someone something and can be a great introduction to the sport. But, if we had to pick one fly fishing gift for the beginner, then we’d definitely go with our Drifter rods in a 4-weight, 5-weight, or 6-weight, depending on what they’re wanting to fish for. At $199, these rods are the perfect balance of quality and value and will last a lifetime. 

Flyfishing Ultimate Gift Guide

The Fanatic

There are generally two types of people—those who haven’t tried fly fishing and those who are obsessed with fly fishing. If you’re buying a fly fishing gift for anglers who fall into the latter category, then you’re definitely not going to go wrong with our Vesper series of rods. These high-performing beasts are made with industry-leading materials and have a beautiful moderate-fast and fast action, depending on the weight you choose. For trout enthusiasts, go with a 3-weight, 4-weight, or 5-weight. If they fish for trout and bass, a six-weight is best. Or, if they’re targeting larger fish like pike, bass, and maybe even some redfish, a seven-weight, eight-weight, or nine-weight is a great choice.

The Specialist

If you’re new to fly fishing or haven’t been introduced to the sport, then we won’t ask you to understand what euro-nymphing is. Just know that euronymphers are passionate about it. And, a great pick for any euronympher on your list is the Epiphany series, either in a two-weight, three-weight, or four-weight. These longer rods allow anglers to reach far-off pockets and have a sensitive feel for the lightest of strikes. If this is their first euro rod, then we’d recommend the three-weight or four-weight. If they’re experienced, then a two-weight is a great way to spend a day on small streams. 

The Salty One

Chances are, you know if you’re in this category because you’ve spent more than a few days spraying sand off of the porch or hiding from the sun on the back of the boat. If you’re looking for a fly fishing gift for your saltwater angler, look no further than the Outcast series. These rods are powerful and have long-lasting materials to hold up against the demanding environment the coast throws at you. For lighter targets, like speckled trout (or smallmouth bass and pike), grab a seven-weight. Or, for redfish, stripers, and more, we’d recommend an eight-weight or nine-weight. For larger fish like tarpon and GTs, a 10-weight or 11-weight is perfect. 

Moonshine Rods gift guide

The Traditionalist

If your special angler has a tendency for leather-bound books, fine cigars, and maybe a vinyl record here or there, chances are you’re dealing with a renaissance man or woman. And, if that’s the case, they’re going to love our Revival series of fiberglass rods. These full-flex rods harken back to simpler days, but can stack up against any modern rod—and with a little bit more style, too. If this is their first or second rod, try out the five-weight. Or, if this is adding to an extensive collection, the three-weight is a blast on small streams and in tight locations.

The All-Arounder

Now, I know we said this was the ultimate fly fishing gift guide, but we’re all anglers at heart. So, if you want to give a fly fishing gift for the all-around angler, then our Rambler spinning rods are some of the best you can buy. We have a medium-light action that’s great for countless species, a medium-heavy action for bass, striper, pike, and larger fish, or an ultra-light option for nabbing trout and panfish. You can’t go wrong here and it’s a great addition to any angler’s collection.

The Fully Stocked Angler

You may be up to your neck in fishing rods these days, so why not take a look at our brand-new Creede Reel? Our large-arbor reel, designed in-house, is a beautiful piece of work machined out of forged aluminum, fully sealed with a carbon-fiber disc drag. We have options in three/four-weight, five/six-weight, and seven/eight-weight.

Moonshine Rods Gift Guide - Hat

And, last but not least, we have plenty of
Moonshine Swag for the discerning fly angler to show some team spirit on the river, including Hats, Stickers, Drinkware, T-Shirts, and Hoodies. Pair one of these options with a Gift Card, and you’re going to make any fly angler happy for that holiday gift or special occasion.

Well, that should do it for our ultimate fly fishing gift guide. If we still haven't come up with a solution for your search, definitely reach out to us and we can offer advice for the perfect fly fishing gift.

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