Women Wednesday: Jamie Pipetti

Women Wednesday: Jamie Pipetti

I have been fishing for fun with family and friends as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I started dating my now husband that I was introduced to fly fishing.  I accompanied him to the local creek we used to ride our bikes to a couple of times before I really took an interest in trying out the sport. I would just watch and see how excited he was to explain what he was doing, and how he was trying to give tips and hints.  It was a new experience for sure, going from the traditional hook and worm, my previous fishing trips involved, to the much more complex art of fly fishing.

My husband had been fly fishing for many years, so he already had most of the gear I would need for me to take a chance on the sport.  I had watched him tie up soooo many flies in our apartment’s basement where he had his temporary “man cave”. I remember thinking “wow, these are beautiful”! There was a lot of frustration at first, especially when we would go fishing together and he would try to “teach” me how to do things how he thought was proper from his experiences, but it wasn’t until I got the nerve to go out on my own with my own equipment that I truly found the sport and fell in love with it.  I just had to find my own groove and pace.

Now I fly fish for the relaxation and the memories. There is a self-satisfaction that can be gained by fly fishing, and it is greatly realized when you catch your first targeted fish and can think “hey, I’m doing it”! For me, my first catch on the fly was a pretty little brown trout. I was so determined to finally catch a fish on the fly that I grabbed my gear and drove my bicycle “barefoot” down to the local creek and discovered some new spots on my own!  I even got bragging rights to finding a new spot! After my first catch, I was simply hooked!

To me, fly fishing is a great reminder of the beginnings of my relationship with my Husband, whom now I have a daughter with! I know that at some point he is going to want to try to “teach” her how to fly fish as well, and I’m all for it, because I know the memories it can create, and how wholesome a feeling it is to be in touch with nature while accompanied by your loved ones!

~Jamie Pipetti


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