Airflo Superflo Power Taper

Sale price183.00 лв

With an aggressive rear taper, and forward-biased concentration of mass the Superflo Power Taper is designed to be anything but subtle. Even its coloration packs a punch.

Ideal for throwing big flies or hucking junk. Quickly loads at short range. Large tip diameter turns over big flies. Longer rear taper provides multiple pick up points. Haul zone extends the usable head length. Ultra-thin running line shoots like hell and takes up less spool space.

The best part about PVC FREE? It's better for the environment and lasts much longer than traditional PVC lines.

Line Weight Airflo Superflo Power WF4F Selected
Color Airflo Superflo Power Sunburst-Purple Selected
Density Airflo Superflo Power Float Selected
Sale price183.00 лв

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