Nymph Anglers, Rejoice: The New, Improved Epiphany is Here!

New redesign of the Epiphany from Moonshine Rods

There’s no better source of feedback than the Moonshine Community. We have thousands of hard-fishing anglers around the world who are kind enough to share what they love about our rods, as well as what could be improved. Who could ask for a better team of product testers?

Our new, improved Epiphany is the direct result of this testing. If you’ve fished our flagship euronymphing rod, you have had a direct influence on its latest version—your voice has been heard and we couldn’t be more thankful. In short, it’s better in just about every way. It’s a fine-tuned nymphing machine, with everything you loved in the first, as well as a few much-needed improvements.

For those of you who are new to the Epiphany, it’s designed specifically for long days of drifting nymphs through swift water. It’s one of our longest, lightest rods, perfect for hard-to-reach pools and pocket water, and able to pick up on the slightest strikes from the wariest of trout. 

For those of you who aren’t new to the Epiphany, let’s take a quick look at a few things we changed and how it’s a better nymphing rod than ever.

Improved Graphite

For starters, we went back to the basics and replaced the blank with a high-modulus graphite. Now, if that sounds a bit too technical, that all translates to “really freaking nice graphite.” It’s lighter, more durable, and more sensitive than ever. We also used a blackout, anti-glare blank for spooky fish and maintained the rod’s moderate-fast action.

Reduced Weight

Speaking of weight, we went through the entire design of the rod and reduced weight all over the place—from graphite to guides and more. Ultimately, we were able to shave off more than an ounce, which may as well be a pound for nymph anglers. This means lighter swinging weight and an easier rod for all-day drifting and catching. 

Fine-Tuned Guides

Next, we took a second look at the hardware on the blank to make improvements on every level. We added a titanium SiC stripping guide and moved it up the blank to reduce line sag. Next, we added light wire, single-foot guides to reduce overall weight, and added light snake guides at the tip to prevent snags so line knots can move freely. Overall, the goal was to improve performance so you have consistent, smooth line movement. 

New Variants

Lastly, we took all of those improvements and added them to two brand-new size variants—the two-weight, 10’4” rod and the 4-weight, 10-foot rod, alongside our 3-weight, 10’6” model. We know experienced euronymphers have specific needs and by adding two different models, they’re able to pick and choose the perfect rod for any situation. Plus, the 4-weight model is an adaptable option as well, able to cast dry flies just as well as a full euronymph rig.

We’re incredibly proud of our new Epiphany rods, but it’s time for them to meet the real product testers. Let us know what you think of our new design decisions and how they’re functioning on the river. Be sure to tag us on social media with that monster trout you picked up—we can’t wait to see it in action.

The new Epiphany Rod by Moonshine Rods

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