We understand your fly fishing adventures can present obstacles that can leave you dead in the water with a busted rod. Rods can get knocked around a lot, creating a micro fracture in the blank that can weaken it, or the near miss streamer-to-the-back-of-the-head that impacted your rod instead. They can get stepped on, shake hands with a car door, even the elusive rock or tree fish can leave you stranded! 
When you invest with Moonshine, you'll get a LIFETIME warranty with an industry competitive fee to get you back up and running, ASAP.
We encourage you to checkout this great article about Rod Failure by Tom Kirkman of RodMaker Magazine. If you're scratching your head as to what could have happened to your rod and to remove any bias, the good people at RodMaker Magazine have put in the time to enlighten everyone. 

Carefully follow directions for your unique rod series below. Failure to complete all steps will delay service for your rod:  

For Series Fly Rod Service:
(Drifter, Epiphany, Outcast, Revival, Rambler, Vesper)

To get you back up on the water even quicker, we are now sending you the replacement section. No need to send in your entire rod and the time it takes to arrive and process it. It's less hassle and no out-of-pocket shipping expense!

    Once you have paid the fee and made your selections, we will get your section to you ASAP. Please allow 1- 2 weeks, although we usually get them out much quicker. 

    Please note: If we are unable to fix or replace your rod due to lack of inventory or beyond repair, we will provide you a discount of 30% from our current lineup.

     For Midnight Special Service ONLY

    • Step 1: Click the Midnight Special Warranty Form. Print, fill it out and ship it to the address at the bottom of the form, along with your entire rod
    • Step 2: Click HERE pay your warranty fee so we can repair your rod. 

    *It is very important that you fill out the Midnight Special Warranty Form in order to process your repair quickly and efficiently. This form must be filled out and included with your entire rod. These are custom rods and require a new section to match the original one of a kind rod you purchased, therefore our turn around is anywhere from 4-6 weeks, but we try to service them sooner. 

    For any specific questions concerning our Midnight Special Warranty, please email: 

    Moonshine Reel Warranty

    Moonshine customers know that when there’s an issue that impacts your fishing tools, we understand how valuable those days are when you are sidelined, waiting for your fix. That’s why on the majority of our products, you don’t send it in and stare at the calendar, we send the part directly to you, fast and economically with the best customer service in the industry. When it came to warranty and service for our reels, our ironclad service carries on. 

    Your Moonshine reel comes with a 1 year free service guarantee to either fix or replace your reel if it malfunctions due to anything other than accidental or intentional damage. Any service required due to accidental damage or more than one year after the original purchase date requires a $65 dollar fee to *assess, fix and/or replace, that includes free 2 day shipping after service (where available) to get you up and running, stat. All warranty requests and orders must be placed by the original purchaser (or in the case of a gift, must provide the name and email of the original purchaser so we can verify on our backend system), with proof of purchase in the form of an order confirmation or receipt. 

    Purchase your reel warranty fee to cart here.

    Please send your reel with a detailed description of its issue to:

    Moonshine Rod Company
    Attn: Reel Repair
    960 S. Bellevue
    Memphis, TN 38106


    We highly recommend sending your reel via UPS or FedEx only, with insurance and a tracking number. We are not responsible for lost product or delay of delivery from the carrier you choose. 

    * We will assess, fix and/or replace your reel at our sole discretion in the order that it was received. Flagrant abuse, reels that have been dropped/bent, fell-out-of-my-rod-vault on the highway, and otherwise user error are on you. Bottom line, if it’s on us, you know we’ll have your back. Moonshine Rod Company reserves the right to increase the $65 fee for inflation over time based on the US Consumer Price Index.

    Legal stuff

    No fee will be required if the problem is due to any manufacturing defect. Although we do our best ensure tight quality control, like any product, we can swing and miss. Warranty does not cover intentional damage or flagrant abuse. International warranty claims may require an additional shipping fee. Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the rod. Proof of purchase in the form of a matching order confirmation required. In the case of discontinued rods or colors / designs, we may substitute a similar rod. No refunds will ever be granted past the initial 30 day period after purchase. Warranty replacement fees are currently (as of May 2020) $38 per rod section for all series rods other than the Vesper, which is $45. Midnight Specials are $65 per rod section. These fees may be increased as time goes on to account for inflation or any major increases in component costs. Warranties apply only to products made by Moonshine Rod Company, and not any accessories, apparel, reels, fly line, etc.