The 2022 Moonshine Rod Co. Gift Guide

The 2022 Moonshine Rod Co. Gift Guide


When it comes to gift-giving, there are two kinds of gifts: stuff that fills the closet and stuff that they’ll actually use. At Moonshine Rods, we’re pretty into the latter. Whether you’re buying for an angler, someone who wants to be an angler, or yourself, we pride ourselves in making products that work hard on the water and will definitely outlast the water bottle you bought as a give-up gift for your mother-in-law.

So, this holiday season, why not give someone a gift they’ll actually be more excited to use than re-wrap and give away at their office Christmas party? Introducing our expanded Gift Guide, with our full lineup of rods, a few reels, and also accessories that we feel are essential to any angler’s life. So, even if you’re looking for someone who doesn’t fish right now, rest easy knowing that this list offers the best gift of all—the tools they’ll need to fish from now on.

Fly Rods

The All-New Revival S-Glass

Our brand-new fiberglass fly rod is here! The Revival S-Glass improves upon everything that made the original Revival great. It’s lighter, stronger, sexier, more packable, and comes in more options ranging from two-weight to six-weight. If that special someone has been waiting for their ‘glass dreams to come true, now’s your chance—give them the gift that bends.

Drifter II 

We don’t like to toot our own horn too much, but the Drifter II is one hell of a fly rod. Why? For just $199, you’re getting a rod that’s the lightest in its class, has plenty of power, delicate presentation, and looks great too. It’s the best deal in fly fishing and also the perfect gift for someone who’s looking to get into the sport or simply wants a great fly rod.

And, if you want something extra special, check out our limited edition Drifter II Blackout Streamer, a sleek and stealthy take on our classic that’s perfect for throwing meat to hungry fish. It’s truly a limited edition, so grab one while supplies last.


Okay, we lied earlier. There are two best deals in fly fishing. If you think that statement doesn’t make sense, just try casting our Vesper fly rod, which is redefining what it means to be a high-end fly rod. Available in a full range of weights, from ultralight trout options to powerful saltwater options, you’ll get world-class performance and durability that can stand up to any competitor on the market — for hundreds less.

Midnight Special II

We have the perfect option for that special someone, a gift that’s literally unlike any other — the Midnight Special II. Every single rod is different, made with hand-selected hardwoods for each reel seat and given a unique finish. Plus, the Midnight Special II is based off of our Vesper taper, with a slightly faster action and beautiful components. This rod will win you brownie points, guaranteed.


If you’re living with a euronympher or someone suffering with the addiction known as euronymphing, we’re so sorry. And, there’s only one way to make them happy this holiday season: The Epiphany. Our specialized nymphing rod is designed to reach farther and detect subtle strikes, which not only means more fish, but also means happy anglers. Do them a favor and give the euronympher in your life the gift of happiness. They deserve it.


Does your special someone love the feel of sand under their feet, wind in their hair, or that crusty feeling after a third-degree sunburn? Boy, do we have a rod for them. The Outcast is a durable, powerful, and oh-so-good-looking rod designed specifically to withstand everything that saltwater angling can throw at it. It pairs perfectly with SPF 50 and aloe vera.


Let’s all say it at once. One…two…three…“Conventional anglers are friends, not the enemy.” We truly believe that, which is why we built one of the best spinning setups on the market. Using the same engineering we put into our fly rods, the Rambler is a super-light, packable option for days when only a spinning setup will do. 


Creede Fly Reel

What’s the point of having a world-class fly rod if you don’t have a world-class reel? The Creede is the Robin to your Batman, the Chewie to your Han, a large-arbor behemoth that’s fully machined out of forged aluminum with a sealed carbon-fiber disc drag. At just $299, you’re getting a reel that will keep working hard far after your casting arm or outboard goes kaput. Available in three/four-weight, five/six-weight, and seven/eight-weight.

Ross Evolution R Salt

We love Ross Reels. Yep, we make our own killer reel, but we’re the first to admit that they’ve been making classics for decades and we’re proud to offer their lineup on our own site. One reel we believe is the perfect complement to your arsenal is the Evolution R Salt. If you’re a saltwater angler or someone who simply loves targeting massive fish, this reel is the perfect choice. Once you get it in your hands, you’ll know that it can hold up. It’s a beefy work of art, with a powerful drag system and the ironclad engineering to back it up.


O’Pros Third Hand

If you’re like us, you get served all kinds of ads for gimmicky fly fishing products, but every once in a while, you come across a diamond in the rough. The Third Hand is one of them. This thing does one thing and one thing only — it holds your fly rod so you can focus on what you’re doing. No more shoving a rod under your armpits or putting it into the thigh sleeper hold, just click it in and tie on those flies without watching your rod sail downstream.

Tacky Fly Box

When Tacky released their lineup of fly boxes, they truly changed the game. They’re simply the best on the market, using silicone inserts that won’t get destroyed by your flies and are so much easier to get in and out of. Forget foam, go with Tacky. And, for any non-anglers reading this, just know that fly anglers can never have enough fly boxes — and these are the fly boxes to buy. 

Fishpond Thunderhead Pack

One of the unsung heroes of fly fishing accessories is the perfect backpack. When you’re on the river and need to haul in lunch, some aprés beers, or even a camera, you need something that’s waterproof and designed with anglers in mind. The Fishpond Thunderhead Pack is the perfect option. It’s durable, has rod holders, and most importantly, is ultra-comfortable for all-day jaunts on the water.

Freefly Bamboo Flex Hoody

Most people don’t think of clothing as gear, but we think they absolutely should. When you’re dry, comfortable, and protected from the sun, you’re going to be able to focus on fishing and stay on the water longer, which means more fish in the net. So, yeah, the right clothing can help you catch more fish, and we’d recommend the Freefly Bamboo Flex Hoody. This thing is comfortable, quick-drying, doesn’t stink, and looks pretty dang good too. 

Still not sure what to grab for the angler in your life? You can always pick up a Moonshine Rods Gift Card or some branded apparel and swag as well. If you’re still at a loss, think of it this way — if they love angling, then they’re going to love something from this list. More gear means more time daydreaming about being on the water, which is the ultimate goal any way. That’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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